Let’s do this!

Hey guys, ya girl is officially back! What’s goooood blog fam? Been a minute I know, but most of you know what has been going on, so thank you for holding it down for me and understanding that I needed some time away from posting blogs. Life will throw some crazy things at us, but we always have to keep pushing. I’m ready to step more out of my comfort zone and change up this site a little bit and bring some new and improved content. I love you guys and stay tuned for tomorrow nights post at 8pm!!

What she feels

I’ve been noticing that I don’t take much pictures smiling anymore. I do a slight smile, I get it a lot that I have pretty teeth, yet I don’t even show them in my pictures anymore. (You will understand where I’m going with this). I need to make some changes, I want to smile more again in photos and videos. I smile when I’m with my friends, my love, and when I speak to people, then I get home and BOOM I feel kind of miserable. Last year and this year have just been so iffy for me. It’s like the way that I’m feeling shows in my pictures if that makes sense. I’m beginning to believe that it is time for me to leave this town as soon as possible and start a new chapter because I put God first, I pray and I pray, I give, I love hard, I try to live my young life while living here, I surround myself with good people, but for some reason this town doesn’t feel like home anymore. This earth isn’t our home to begin with, but I still felt comfortable and safe here you know? With all these young people passing away in my town (mostly from shootings) it makes me feel miserable and sad. There’s so much hate and I just would like to help change some things somehow. God willing, when I leave this town I want to be able to look forward to visiting my HOMETOWN. I grew up here, this is supposed to be home, yet it feels like a war zone. It’s November 5th and three other people lost their lives early this morning in my “hometown”. It hasn’t even been a week since E passed away and I saw that devastating news on social media this morning. That is four young people this month alone that have passed away from guns in Brevard. It’s up to us to speak out, motivate, and be there for our people. This is part of me speaking out… this is what God wants us to do. He wants us to come together and to stop being against each other. It has got to end. As I stated before, I love you guys. If you need to talk please reach out to me. I know we cannot stop everyone from making certain decisions, but it’s worth trying. If you have friends that aren’t on a good path, let them know that you got them. Help them, check on them! I wasn’t planning on writing such a huge sentimental post today, but when I saw social media this morning, I knew I had to say something. Sending blessings, -Felicite’

Quick positive quote

Hey blog fam! I don’t have much to write tonight because I have an assignment that I need to start working on, or I will be behind. I just wanted to share a positive quote with you all;

– Anonymous

We want our plans to happen so quickly, but we have to understand that life doesn’t work like that. We should be patient and let God determine if those plans are meant for us or not. Love you guys! Find some time to relax tonight if you can, and you already know I’m sending my positive energy and blessings.

Heavy hearts

Good morning everyone. It has already been a tough weekend for basically all of us in my town. We lost another person, someone who only was able to make it to twenty years old. Someone who was very respectful and had you laughing no doubt. We only knew each other for three years, and did not speak everyday, but this is that hurt. My boyfriend was closer to him than I was, and seeing him heart broken makes my heart even heavier. This year has been very insane for a lot of people. We read in the Bible that tragedies are supposed to happen, but when it happens, of course we are still shocked and sad. God got another Angel and he will forever live on. I just want you guys to know to try to forgive and love hard because things can happen so fast. We need to come together and stop the hate. People can be so selfish and do some cruel things, and it’s not okay. That’s someone’s son, friend, family member, etc. Palm Bay was never like this, we need to do something TOGETHER to inspire people to spread love.. something. I’ve been praying so much and I’m not one to question God, so I don’t ask why did this have to happen. I love you guys, even if we aren’t close or don’t know each other, I still love you. You will forever live on Ethan! #LLE

Can’t wait to share

I have so many stories to share with you guys, but one huge story I’m excited to share with you guys soon is my vegetarian journey. It’s going so great right now and I will be doing a big post about it soon for sure! I will be including photos so you can see how I looked before. I am so proud of myself and I plan to keep going! To my vegetarian people, what are some good recipes you could possibly share with me? I am up for trying new things! I won’t hold you guys up too long because I know it’s Halloween tonight. I’m just in the house for the night relaxing, probably going to watch some movies. I have a long weekend ahead of me with working, looking for some new jobs, and writing papers for two classes. I hope you all are enjoying your night. Sending blessings and love always!

When you feel stuck

There have been times where I have just felt so stuck, so stuck to the point where I just have no idea what to do with my life. October definitely had me feeling that way, which was part of the reason why I was in that major funk. Let me tell you how God be looking out guys! Sunday morning, I got back to Palm Bay at about eight o’clock so I ended up just going on my phone to watch the earlier service online. Now let me mention, I was EXTREMELY tired. I did not plan on even going to Church that day or even watching the service online. I really could have just went to sleep. Ever feel like sermons just be hitting you at the most perfect times? It’s so amazing how God can give his wisdom to these Pastors to share with us. The topic was about being stuck… yes, you read that correctly. When Pastor Steven said the words stuck and lost, he grabbed my attention with the quickness. I needed those words, I needed to know that it is okay to feel like you’re stuck. Just because we may feel stuck, we cannot let it take over our lives. The devil tries to attack believers, especially when they are down. I have not been letting him win whatsoever. I know I serve an amazing God who will forever provide for me, even at my lowest points in life, so why would I become bitter or evil just because I am struggling? I would like to share something from the sermon: “You start talking crazy when you’re stuck.” Often times when we feel lost or STUCK, we begin to say some harsh words that should not really be said. We may say words like “I’m not worthy”, “I can’t do this anymore”, etc. I know that I was once that person, and to be truthful, I said “I don’t want to do this anymore” several times just this month. When I become overwhelmed I do say some crazy things, but I usually snap out of it. When I recognize the words I am saying, I pray to God to release my negative thoughts. Truth is, I have no idea who I would be without God. A lot of people are afraid to confess their love for Him, but there should be no shame. He brought me where I am today, and still gets me through my hard times. When you are feeling stuck, speak to a friend if possible, you can even reach out to me! Many of us struggle through trying to find guidance, but we just have to leave it in God’s hands. Our season is coming, we may not know when, but it WILL come. Stay blessed blog fam, I am rooting for you!

I’m getting better

Hey guys!!! My schedule has been so off and you know how I’ve been feeling lately, but I’m beginning to snap out of it. Slowly, but definitely surely! I’ve missed blogging, I really have. I told myself several times that I need to get out of this funk that I’ve been in. I tried soooo many things and it has been difficult, but I’m here! I actually was able to go on a brunch date with my man on Friday and we spent the day watching some shows and just talking. On Saturday I was in Orlando with my friends, so I certainly needed that. It’s always nice to get out and have a good time when I can. When I got back home to Palm Bay on Sunday, I watched Elevation Church online and the rest of the day was pretty productive. I cannot complain, I’m so grateful that I’m beginning to feel like myself again you know? I’m not giving up on you guys. I appreciate you more than you know. I will be blogging the rest of the week, I don’t want to let anyone down anymore just because I’ve been feeling down. I should be uplifting you all. I guess I just needed some time away, but no excuses. I’m back, and I’m fighting through. Love you blog fam, posting at 8 o’clock tomorrow night!


The other day I was listening to worship music and I kept getting chills. Every time I listen to worship music, I usually get chills and feel so uplifted. The other day I just felt it 10x more because of how down I’ve been since the end of September up until now. I feel more than great when I worship God, it’s like all of my issues disappear. One of my favorite songs currently is “Rescue” by Lauren Daigle. The verse that stands out the most to me is, “I will never stop marching to reach you in the middle of the hardest fight. It’s true, I will rescue you.” The entire song is beautiful and I could relate to the words, but that verse just plays in my head constantly. It reminds me that God is always there and he won’t stop fighting for us. He fights our battles for us, and even when we feel alone we aren’t. I remember when I was so lost, and he never left my side. I pushed Him away, but he always came through for me. ALWAYS. I encourage you all to listen to worship music if you have not. Listen closely to the words, words are so powerful! If you guys would like some song recommendations, I’d be glad to share some with you. Also, if you already do listen to Christian music, feel free to share some songs with me as well! I love finding new songs, especially when they speak to me immensely. I hope the rest of this week goes well for you guys. Here is the song that I mentioned:

You can run from the Lord, but he will forever be there.

You ever ask “Why God?” We all go through some tough situations in our lives and some people may lose faith and ask God why is he doing this. I was one of those people at one point in my life. I said I loved God, I said I believed in Him, but when bad things happened; I questioned Him. Oh have things changed immensely!! I’ve mentioned how I’ve been down because of stress, but instead of asking God why is He putting me through this, I pray to Him and ask Him to show me how to become more like Him. I ask Him to show me how I could remain humble and not give up, even though I am going through these obstacles. I am still stressed and I am still figuring things out, but one thing I know is that I will never lose faith. Someone can TRY to bring me down and guess what? I’m still keeping faith. Life can keep throwing punches at me, but I will STILL keep the faith. You see, God wants us to run to Him, and STAY with Him when we’re going through bad situations. Sometimes individuals will only go to Him when things are tough, then will run from Him. Then sometimes they won’t even go to Him at all and blame Him for their problems and ask that “why?” question. We will always have problems happen in this evil world because this is NOT our home. It’s up to us to keep pushing, to keep sharing His word, to keep loving, to keep forgiving, and to keep living like Him up until he calls us to our real home! So if you’re a runner, if you’re having a difficult time wanting to know Him because you may be afraid; you don’t have to be. Don’t blame Him, there is a reason we are going through these issues in life. Keep running to Him always. Sending my blessings and positive energy to you all! With love, Felicité

Quick information

Hey guys, I know I was supposed to post at 11 a.m. but there’s a family emergency so I will be heading to Orlando in a few. I’m not sure if I will be posting on Monday or not, I’ll keep you updated. Thank you blog fam!